On Happiness and People

19 Dec

(Just to keep note: I don’t want to stop associating with anyone I am merely pointing out this little thing I’ve noticed and it’s more people wanting to disassociate with me so don’t worry)

What I should say is on other people’s happiness but I’m not quite sure if it’s the right way to phrase it so I’ll just explain it.

Over the years you get to meet a lot of people and talk to them and with some maybe even be friends and whatnot…but sometimes friendships fade and that’s just a part of life.

But then there is the more complicated side to friendship that is when one or both friends kindof don’t get along anymore but don’t hate each other they’ve just moved on in their lives I suppose, well then the friend or friends that want to move on a bit stay because they don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings. Complicated isn’t it?

Well let me tell you this: if any of my friends or acquaintances don’t want to be associated with me well then that’s fine, I’d rather people be happy with people they’d rather be with than be miserable or whatever with people they like they just don’t get along with anymore…

I feel like sometimes people pretend to want to keep being friends with someone because they don’t want anyone’s feelings to get hurt and honestly I think everyone’s feelings are going to get hurt anyways but people have to just do what makes them happy, I’m not saying don’t keep in touch if you don’t want to let go completely, I’m just saying don’t feel obliged to keep the friendship at the same level that it was if that doesn’t make you happy.

So basically, what I’m saying is: you can still be friends without being close.




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