The Paranoid Thought: A Poem

23 Nov

Every morning I wake up I think “when are people going to realise I’m annoying?” and then people talk to me and I’m like “ok so not today”.

Then when they talk to me I think “ok do they think I’m annoying now? When will they? Will there be a time when everyone will conspire against me and then boom I have nothing?”

Maybe this is why I can never get close to someone, I mean the last time I had a close friend was a few years ago, haven’t had one since…not that I really care to be honest, I’m just saying perhaps this is the issue.

I can’t fix it. I don’t know how. How do I stop thinking this?

I just want to know whether or not people think I’m annoying! I’m damn tired of this shit.

I need answers.

I need this to STOP.

– T


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