On being an outsider…everywhere

14 Nov

Once and outsider, always an outsider…it’s not necessarily a hopeful saying but also I have hope in things that matter…this happens to not matter…this doesn’t matter.

It of course doesn’t apply to the general human population but it definitely, 100%, applies to me…which, when I cared about it went back to “am I good enough?” or “what’s wrong with me?” type thinking but nah I don’t even care now. I’d rather be an outsider than a robotic follower…which is 100% true and I am proud of that.

How can you have FOMO if you don’t even care? You don’t. That’s my answer. You just, don’t.

Oh wait you came here because you wanted a story about me being an outsider? HAHAHA ok ok I don’t have any because I live the outsider life apparently…ok I have a little activity that can tell you a story ok are you ready?

Ok here it is: Ask everyone to gather around and make them talk about a subject by making them pick out a piece of paper with a topic (as a group 1 piece of paper), then you come in and pick out a piece of paper and try to talk to them about your subject.

Boom. There you go. You’ve just experienced an extremely mild version of what I go through daily, appreciate the friends who don’t FOMO you, if you have FOMO that is…if you have FOMO appreciate those who don’t make you feel that way.

That’s my piece of advice for the day (not that I do these daily or anything), I just need to let out my outsider status because it feels like everyone’s got a very insider-type thing so I of course had to come out and speak for the outsiders because they don’t get the recognition they need…ANYWAYS that’s it.

Be free little ones, live life to your heart’s content ❤




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