On Jokes and how they can get real old, real quick

29 Oct

For the past few years I have noticed a pattern with people, they keep telling the same jokes over and over again, with adjustments here but basically tell the same joke again and again just re-worded.

It’s like reading a last minute essay that didn’t have much to say so the person just repeats and regurgitates the information but they re-word it each time.

A good joke is like a bar of chocolate…have too much of it and you’ll be sick but have just enough and it’ll be fabulous.

Metaphors aside, I really do think people need to stop regurgitating the same joke again and again and again and again and again and again and well you get the picture…I have been a victim of such a joke, my friends remember an incident that occurred around 5 or 6 years ago and repeat the funny story over and over and over and over and- to the point where I don’t think it’s funny anymore, just really, really, really, really annoying. Which is what happens when other people repeat the same stories or tell the same jokes and honestly, sometimes you can tell the same old jokes again and again but periodically, occasionally, with lots of time in between not on a weekly, monthly, daily basis because to be honest, the more someone tells a joke the less funny it gets or the less funny it gets TO ME, emphasis on me because I cannot speak for the general audience of such a joke.

I was never one to laugh at anything but I did find the humour in things but honestly if I laugh at something but that laughter turns to anger then I know the joke’s gone too long and too far for me to find it funny anymore.

Sometimes people take it too far, to the point where nobody wants to be involved anymore but you’re just going to be nice to stop such a joke. I can’t deal with jokes that go too far, it’s too much…It’s just too much for me to keep being patient about.

I’d like to say “if anybody does this to you, then confront them about it” but I think that if you are annoyed or angry that you may not be able to control yourself and just burst. However, if you do want this to stop then do confront the person and tell them in a jokingly friendly way with a sincere smile like “hahaha XD don’t you think this joke’s gone on for long enough?? It’s not gonna be funny if we tell it every time! :D” Or something like that and if they don’t stop, then get serious.

Sorry about this little rant, it’s just it bothers me a little when my friends reguritate my old  somewhat-embarressing stories OK YES IT HAPPENED CAN WE PLEASE MOVE ON! 🙂



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