On Third Wheeling…every. single. time.

24 Oct

Hello there ok so imagine this: You are sitting in the canteen, perfectly content with your own company, laptop is on, headphones are in, you are having the time of your life when all of a sudden someone asks to sit on your table and of course you say yes because it’s a free table apart from you.

This happens every day and you eventually become somewhat friends.

Then one day someone else chooses to join the table and the conversations you once had with friend (eh) number 1 are now divided between this other person and them. Eventually this other person and friend 1 have private chats on your table excluding you (yes actually excluding you from the conversation) and then you try to hop in but can’t because you have no idea what they’re on about and eventually move to another table the next day because you have officially become the third wheel.

Ok so you get an image of this, you feel like you’re a nuisance and like you’re interrupting them when you should be included so of course you separate and leave this “pack”.

What if the people you left for another table come back and ask you why you don’t hang out with them anymore? What if they go “hey let’s go to the cinema!” but then ignore you and start having a private chat…why do they want you there? My answer? I have no bloody clue.

Ok so here’s my story: *see anecdote above* that is not how it happened like setting-wise not a cafeteria but that’s basically how it happens every time.

I have been a third wheel my entire life. My. Entire. Freakin. Life.

I don’t mind being a loner, I don’t mind hanging out by myself but when I do I get hoards of people who randomly come up to me to complain about their problems…let me be clear I do not know these people’s names. I have never had classes with these people. How do these people even know I exist?

Hanging out with people or “third wheeling” even if it’s sometimes fourth, fifth or sixth wheeling is basically a shield that tells people who want to come and complain that I’m busy with other people.

I, however, do not like third wheeling I FREAKIN DESPISE IT. Yes I despise it and I despise it when other people are being third wheeled. I would much rather be by myself than be excluded, it’s bloody freakin rude to include someone like me into your “club” or “group” and then ignore me or have inside conversations that I’ve got no clue on I mean at least talk about things I know about when you’re with me!

People are so rude! I say “I hate people” a lot, I used to say it A LOT more than I do now just because I have people that give me faith in humanity and now I say it a lot less frequently but boy oh boy do I hate people who do this shit.

I’m not saying you can’t have more than one friend, you can have many! But a true friend wouldn’t ask you to be included and then exclude you from the conversation…you know you don’t have to be friends with everybody, just be friendly! Which is different.

At this point I would much rather be alone than with people like this, even if it means awkward interactions with humans who want to complain and if I’m bothered I might just say “Hi yeah ok I’m sorry I’m kindof busy right now and also I have no idea what you are talking about so can I please get some alone time to finish this? thanks” because if they don’t respond to that and keep at it then all I’ll be able to say is “piss off” which is what I will say if they keep pestering me because it’s basically harassment at this point.

Well that was my rant. Sorry- wait no I am not sorry about that because anybody who third wheels friends and such is just an utter prick. A complete. utter. prick. who doesn’t deserve any of your time and attention and you should leave them right now…or not…again it’s up to you.

Thank you for your time and I might or might not have another rant waiting in the drafts for you to see soon…A rant with purpose…like this one.

Have a nice day you lot who are reading this…you might not…it’s up to you really 🙂


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