On Coffee. 

18 Oct

Well actually more like on coffee and wasting your money please don’t be an idiot and waste it on coffee that doesn’t even taste good without an insane amount of syrup, milk and sugar, that’s not coffee my friends, that is a dessert. 

Coffee is what you have in the morning, it could be plain, with milk, with sugar or with milk and sugar. But morning coffee should never have syrup.

Chain coffee places piss me off because they make you spend an insane amount of money on coffee that you could get at the cafeteria, and yes most of the time that coffee actually tastes better…strange isn’t it. 

Anyways here’s the point I’m trying to make: Don’t waste your money on crappy, overpriced coffee. 

Also I love sugar. I am the dessert queen…just not when it comes to coffee 🙂 


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