A not so rant for once…

26 Aug

This probably doesn’t make any sense but look here’s the story/rant/I don’t know what to call this.

Since joining a fandom I have apparently emotionally invested my time in it, I don’t know how to use photoshop or make gifs but hey I contribute through text.

But since joining this fandom I have become… “friends” ( I can’t say friends without quotes until it is confirmed or we meet or something because I don’t think we’re so close that we can call each other friends yet) with a bunch of people and it’s nice…but it also means when one of them feels sad, alone, unhappy, annoyed, I feel sad, alone, unhappy and annoyed and I try, with all my power I try to up their mood by making them happy but I don’t know how. I don’t know how to make people happy I just exist.

I believe that every single one of them is more than capable of achieving their dreams and they are all wonderful and just the most amazing humans to exist on the internet.

With that said,I also sortof care about their well being, but caring about them has made me realise that I care about all of humanity it just so happens I’ve gotten to know them better than all of humanity…

Is this weird? It’s probably weird…look I’m a weird person get over it already! I mean I have a damn blog just to rant and like 5 other blogs for various reasons… Please if you’re reading this, please believe in yourself, don’t be a silly goose! Believe in yourself and you can do literally anything.

– T


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