Fandoms and Fangirls: A confession 

17 Jul

Hi, you’ve known me for long enough that you know I hate people who are too over enthusiastic about something, even the best thing because it can get super annoying…. Well for me that was the case which is why fandoms and fangirls were excluded in my life…until now. 

I. Am. A. Fangirl.

In a fandom.

A wonderful fandom filled with smart and amazing people. 

I love you guys! You’re so amazing and wonderful! Please don’t stop your amazing wonderfulnessness!

I’ve been keeping this a secret because I was always a bit shy and didn’t fit into the catagory of fangirl and I was never a fan in a group of people aka a fandom… At least that was the case until a couple of months ago. 

I am not ashamed to be in a fandom or be a fangirl but the people around me made me feel ashamed so I never admitted to changing… Until now. 

Hello. My name is **** and I am a fangirl. 

Thank you.

– H


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