On … Animations

3 Mar

Hello internet it is time to discuss the issue of animal talking animations like Madagascar, Over the hedge (terrible movie), hop and of course we cannot forget into the wild… Aka the Madagascar wannabe .

That’s right that’s all got to stop like right now.

A) Dreamworks you either gotta fix your animation work (make it better) or stop with animations all together because over the hedge was a disaster… So was Shrek, animation-wise.

B) Disney* hey there my favourite company of all time… How y’all doing? Good ok well let’s talk about cartoons. Mickey Mouse and his gang = adorable talking animals.

The rest need to stop happening. Stop trying to make talking animal cartoons pretending their humans and not acting like animals a thing, they were fun for a while but generally people are completely over it. Let’s not drag this longer than it should.


– but that’s just my opinion.


*I absolutely loved “Zootropolis” or “Zootopia” or whatever the heck it’s called.


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