Is being honest too honest?

13 Jan

Is there such a thing as being TOO honest? answer: YES but also NO. Being honest and being open are 2 different things.

Being Open: Telling people about yourself like an open book, not hiding anything and basically avoid being mysterious in any way.

Being Honest: Telling someone the truth when asked, not lying.

LYING and NOT BEING OPEN are not the same.

You are technically not lying when you don’t tell somebody about that new book you got or what you think about their dress. You’re lying if they ask you about their dress and you don’t tell the truth. SEE THE DIFFERENCE?

This is what movies always get wrong. NO you do not have to tell people everything about yourself and still be an honest person.

In other words my advice? You do not always have to speak you’re mind to be honest, in fact you shouldn’t say everything out loud because you can and will get in trouble sooner or later. Just because you think that person over there is a loser doesn’t mean you should say something. It means you should be nice and not say it out loud.

Always be honest, don’t always be open.


Oh and this is just my personal opinion (and logic), if you think i’m wrong please discuss it in the comments below, if not then YAY! PEOPLE AGREE WITH ME!



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