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Never Complain to a University Student

21 Nov

If you want empathy, you might get it from a university student, they’ve been there and done that, but sometimes, and I mean most of the time they will not pity or empathize with you partially because THEY HAVE IT WORSE THAN YOU and partially because THEY HAVE MORE WORK THAN YOU.

If you go up to a college student complaining about how you have a 500 word essay due the next week and one due in January and it is still October, trust me they will feel nothing. They will give you a look resembling this -_- OR they might sarcastically say something like “oh my gosh…really…that is so much…”. They will ALWAYS do one or the other if they are free but both if they have 2 or more essays due the week that they are in and one due the month after.

I’m telling you this for your survival NEVER complain to a university student about work or the sheer number of assignments you have, or even the time frame because chances are they won’t care, in no way, shape or form will they go “aww I feel bad” in a genuine way, unless they are one of those people who majors in something that does not require a lot of essays (I have no idea what this major is but please tell me I need to switch to it), but even then they will probably complain about some other type of assignment.

University students are brutal, I know I am one myself. They are at the height of their sarcasm and will not feel bad for anyone other than themselves because they are selfish, and that is ok because they need that selfishness to be able to text yell their partner in the middle of the night telling them to FINISH THE DAMN PAPER because it is not done, it is due the next morning and their partner has not done their part, this is the height of university, all nighters happen almost every day and nobody really cares about the other’s work load because everybody thinks that they have it the hardest, although the chances that everyone has it the same is EXTREMELY high but everybody is stubborn enough to notice.

Thank you for your cooperation, and if you want empathy or pity you probably won’t get it unless it is from someone who has experienced university and has no idea what may be in store for students in 2015.

Have a delightful day,



In the age of 5 year old adults.

10 Nov

Let me explain, 5 year old adults are just adults that act like they’re 5 years old (not in the sense of mental conditions, but in the sense of healthy minded adults who just cannot seem to break away of their childhood habits such as whining and tantrums)

They exist, I think we all knew this right? I’m talking healthy adults who do not have peter pan syndrome but are just working in companies and such that act like children, not well-behaved or rebellious children, but spoiled brats. I witness this on a regular basis online, and in real life. The internet is a strange and unusual place with people who just cannot wrap their head around maturity (you can still be child-like and mature at the same time btw but these people are just plain children).

5 year olds are scary, so growing up with adults who act like they’re 5? That is even scarier because at least 5 year olds learn and get over it. Adults are less capable of changing, that is why younger people tend to be more dynamic and grown-ups tend to be more static.

If you witness people acting like they’re 5 year olds please give them a piece of paper with the word REALITY (in ALL CAPS) on it. I repeat write “REALITY” on said paper, typing it would not be the same. The real world is hard enough without a bunch of twits ruining it for everybody (but The Twits by Roald Dahl that’s a good book).

Oh and if you are the one acting like a 5 year old but tell other people to stop being “immature” REALITY CHECK. STOP DOING THAT, Be the person you want to be but do not I repeat DO NOT ruin everybody else’s life because of your own selfish needs. Anyways THAT IS AS SIMPLE AS IT GETS!

Note to the child-like yet mature beings: CARTOONS ARE FOR YOU TOO! I do not mean The Simpsons or Family Guy I mean Inspector Gadget, The Flintstones, Scooby Doo, The Jetsons, Rocky and Bullwinkle, etc.

Have fun! And do not be a spoiled brat.

– T