The consequences of forcing me to participate

12 Jul

I am able to hold a grudge it’s not that I might hold a grudge it’s that I WILL hold a grudge.

I don’t do it on purpose but making me/forcing me/ pressuring me to do something I don’t want to do results you in the temporary black list if I care about you and if I don’t then permanent black list.

Again I don’t mean to do this it just happens it also means I will not come and see you as often as I’d (and you’d) like because my feelings are something I can’t control (but I try and pretend to in front of you).

Please don’t take this the wrong way but my brain won’t let you in the “people I enjoy chilling with” section if you keep forcing me to do things and go places I don’t want to go to and things I’ve already said NO to like “will you go to that handbag shop with me?” NO (I might on another day JUST NOT NOW) because I don’t like that particular shop and if you keep asking I will say NO FOREVER (meaning NEVER).

Get the picture?

Ok great il be writing soon 😀

– H


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