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The Crippling Uncertainty of Discussing the Future 

28 Jul

The future is a topic of uncertainty and one that should not be discussed in excessive detail because you know what? You don’t know what’ll happen! Maybe that acceptance letter was due to arrive next week but arrives this week and asks you to get ready for classes because they start in 3 days and you’ve planned a trip to Spain but have to cancel because the imagined future doesn’t exist.
Imagination and ideas are one thing talking about the future that you cannot physically plan I mean yeah Dream the impossible but unless you’re going to do something about it STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!!! Want me to go besurk? Ask me what I wanna be when I graduate go ahead I DARE YOU. 

We all have uncertain futures… If you win a million dollars how would that change your life? Would you use it to pay your student loans? Pay for your tuition? Clothes? Spend it all on that home entertainment system bubble thing where you’re alone in a white bubble with a TV and stuff. 

Would you invest it?

Would you invest in stocks with it?

What would you do?

You see our futures aren’t given to is on a silver platter or let’s be honest they’re not written in the stars you can be what you aspire to be but it will be a rocky not a steady slope. We hope it’s steady but you know life man… It’s unpredictable. 

On days like these I wish I were a hippie and not one that gets high and barefoot but more like I wish I had the chill ness of a hippie and the power to convince people like a great salesman but I’m not a hippie, I don’t have the chillness and I can’t convince people it’s times like these I would push a “Dilemma” button (it’s red and has a nice cup of tea next to it). But this button is non existent, it is quite frankly a figment of my imagination and yeah in other words the future is bright and dim and fun and dull and everything in between, it’s your choices that make it what it is.

Also please do not discuss the future in detail unless you want a result that is the complete opposite. Ever seen a movie, people? THEY EXIST FOR A REASON. 


The consequences of forcing me to participate

12 Jul

I am able to hold a grudge it’s not that I might hold a grudge it’s that I WILL hold a grudge.

I don’t do it on purpose but making me/forcing me/ pressuring me to do something I don’t want to do results you in the temporary black list if I care about you and if I don’t then permanent black list.

Again I don’t mean to do this it just happens it also means I will not come and see you as often as I’d (and you’d) like because my feelings are something I can’t control (but I try and pretend to in front of you).

Please don’t take this the wrong way but my brain won’t let you in the “people I enjoy chilling with” section if you keep forcing me to do things and go places I don’t want to go to and things I’ve already said NO to like “will you go to that handbag shop with me?” NO (I might on another day JUST NOT NOW) because I don’t like that particular shop and if you keep asking I will say NO FOREVER (meaning NEVER).

Get the picture?

Ok great il be writing soon 😀

– H