On Writing (Writers in Particular)

9 Jun

Are you born a writer or can you learn to write?

Writing can be anything from a hobby, career, just something you do when your bored, a regular diary entry, blogging, little stories, lists of things (such as things that annoy you), filling up one of those notebooks with prescribed writing titles such as “pet peeves” or maybe even a to do list.

Either way it can be anything you want it to be.

If the answer was “you must be born a writer” how do you know if you are born a writer?

Wouldn’t it be horrible if the test to being a true writer meant having the New York Times praise you? Because some of the books on their list is questionable, like some of the oscar winners… Again questionable.

Writing may be a genetic trait but can’t everybody just write for fun? Not everybody wants published works what if you write because you want to write… Would telling you that you weren’t born a writer help or hinder your path to writing as a career?

Writing is a passion, if you’re stuck in a dead end job (for example Dunder Mifflin I know it’s a cool show but would you work there? I mean the work they do there doesn’t just seem boring but very much not real because duh it’s a show!).

Writing must be heartfelt or not… A bird can be blue for no reason it could just be you like blue and birds (NOT EVERYTHING IS A METAPHOR!).

When I tell a story Nobody reacts or the maximum reaction is a smile (a very awkward one) but when other people tell the SAME exact story people fall off the sofa laughing… Why you ask? I DON’T KNOW. But I have been told recently that I am not a very good vocal story teller I can write (yeah this has yet to be proven but we have hope!) but not really tell good stories out loud.

In other words believe in your own writing *insert inspirational Hemingway, Fitzgerald or John Green quote about writing* (more like you insert a quote because I don’t have one at the top of my head).

– H


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