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A poem inspired by… Something

10 May

Here is a poem I wrote.


A light in winter is a light in a summers day
Once you have something
Everything goes wrong
A light in summer is a light in winters night
Snow falls, melts and relieves magic.
Sun, moon, stars, happy light
A light in winter is a light in a summers day
When one goes off, the other comes back

– H


On Villains… And heroes

7 May

Ok so villains, what’s that about?! A bunch of people angry at the world and want revenge? Wait isn’t that kind of what heroes are?

Personally if I was in a comic book I’d think I was the villain, I want to be a hero but with my attitude nobody would give me a chance, they’d take advantage of me and perhaps turn me into the villain I become.

That is the comic book universe. This is the real world. So how would people consider me in the real world? They would see me as a person who could be better than those around her and perhaps, someday become the person they envy or the person that TAKES THEM DOWN.

Villains aren’t heroes, they are potential heroes, and heroes are just potential villains.

Think about it this way, the angrier you make someone, the more villainous they get, and if that anger turns to justice revenge then that opens up someone’s heroic side and either way they’ll take you down for what you did or said, so really there’s no winning there.

To people who like to anger people: SHUT UP AND LEAVE

To potential heroes:
Do good, justice, have courage and be kind (YES I WATCHED CINDERELLA what of it?!).

To potential villains;
Hi… I think what you’re doing isn’t good but ok as long as you’re not in any way harming anybody or anything. I’m cool, cool? Ok cool.

– T