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13 Apr

To start off here’s a little Haiku

When the rain goes down in vain
We all see goodness
Where it stops, rainbows will shine

And here’s one about April:

April rain and sprinkle showers
Pink, blue, yellow, red, white
Around the pessimists

There might be more poems to come, there might not you’ll just have to look and see.

– T


Nobody Cares: When you state ALL of your Thoughts Out Loud

13 Apr

This is the first post in the Nobody Cares series in which I discuss things nobody cares about or thinks is extremely annoying but people, apparently still do nonetheless.

Today I’ll be discussing “When people say everything they’re thinking out loud”

You all need to read this

If you are one of those people that thinks they do this keep reading, if you are one of those people that doesn’t think they do this, then keep reading.

EVERYBODY keep reading.

Ok so saying things like “oh it’s cold isn’t it?” To someone is fine if you start up a conversation.

If it’s more like “OMG it’s so cold I can’t even breathe, what is this air?!? And they call THIS spring?! Seriously! And what’s up with miss quiet over there like doesn’t she know HOW TO talk?!”

This is what we people like to call “ANNOYING” Stop it already!!

Yes that includes you people who DON’T think you do this but realise that you do.

There is only ONE situation in which to use this as a weapon: when you are trying to get rid of someone.

But even then, please don’t, nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to hear you complain the way you do, keep those thoughts to yourself.

– T