How Instagram Killed Conversation.

29 Mar

Has Instagram killed conversation? Or has it increased it?

In my case it has killed the line of communication between me and almost everyone, now that snapchat has done so too what’s next? Are we just waiting for the next social media that breaks conversing with people around?

I’ve never really had or used Instagram or Snapchat, I have no intention to, and this post isn’t going to tell you not to because you people can do whatever you want! What do you care what I say?!

Seriously though if you feel like you’re going to rage at whatever you’re reading this on and throw it out then stop reading!

Really STOP!

Ok now for the rest of you…

Instagram and Snapchat as we know it has broken my line of communication between people.

When I start talking people no longer say shut up, be quiet, etc but look at their phones at the latest whatever on Instagram, Snapchat or whatever else is out there, I would rather you tell me to shut up than to be even RUDER and go Instagram.

Sometimes people are so engrossed on their phones that they cannot hear what’s around them… All I want to do at that point is yell “HELLO IS ANYBODY THERE?” Or maybe trying “Hey mom I’m going to adopt 10 cats” or “Hi! I borrowed some cash out of your wallet yesterday… Here’s the cash back”…. Just to see if they respond.

All I’m saying is by joining a community of Snapchatters, Instagrammers, etc-ers, you have the responsibility to ANSWER and/or RESPOND to what I’m, and millions of other people are trying to tell you, if not that then a “Be quiet” would be fine but just SAY SOMETHING so that I can recognise you as a person, not a robot clone.

That’s just a thought, an opinion of mine if you may, regarding social media and how people ruin it for everyone.

– H


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