The dilemma of Expressing oneself.

30 Jul

I am not one of those artsy people that can paint my feelings or novelise my feelings and anger, I am one of those people who has trouble expressing myself.

If I have an opinion about something I will say it (most of the time/ when I’m asked) however most of the time when I have something to say other than what I read somewhere or what I watched the night before, I don’t know how to say it, or I know how to say it but I’m nervous as to how said participants/audience/people I’m talking to, will react. If it’s family I know how they MIGHT react so I don’t bother saying anything at all.

The only trouble with this is that it’s not good to bottle up your feelings, and people keep asking you why your face looks the way it does and all you want to do is scream everything you have ever bottled up, but you don’t because then you’ll get labelled as “The One with Anger Issues” because it’s not the big things that you only let out, you let EVERYTHING out big and small and they only focus on the small things that peeve/annoy you.

So I found a healthy way of expressing myself, Blogging. Well to be honest I’m not sure if blogging is healthy but hey I’m venting, in a very none specific way.

– H


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