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The true meaning of feeling lonely.

13 Jun

Loneliness isn’t when you’ve got a lot of people around you and you choose to be alone. That’s called being alone it’s a choice.

Being lonely however isn’t a choice it’s something that occurs when you’ve got lots of people around you but nobody you can really talk to. It’s something that happens when you hang out with people you can’t really let go and talk about anything and everything, or just whatever is bothering you and literally you’ve got nobody other than yourself and if you desire one. : a hired therapist.


A different time.

10 Jun

I absolutely hate it when older people compare their lives with a younger person’s life. IT WAS A DIFFERENT TIME! Things change, accept it.

School systems change. Cities change. Hobbies change. Activities change. Just ACCEPT it. You may have had to do things that we don’t need to do. We may have extra things to do that you didn’t have to, accept that every time is different.

2013 was a different year, 2014 is going to have different things and events.

Everything changes constantly.

The SAT will change in 2016, the Olympics will change it’s venue in the 2016 Olympics. Apple will change it’s iPhones and actors will change their roles.

Change is not bad. It’s just different.

Just because you did something doesn’t mean we will.

– T