Another word on Cheating (because it’s so darn wrong)

5 May

Before we get into any arguments about “what if i don’t pass!” OR “It’s only a once in a while thing” nonsense every action will come back to you it’s what you can call karma What goes around comes around and if you don’t pay attention it will hit you one way or another. It’s not our fault that you didn’t study, it’s yours. But what if you “forgot” which to be honest is never an excuse because you have every right and opportunity to write it down, set a reminder, put it on a post it and stick in in a place you’ll look or maybe even put it in the notes section on your phone (or text it to yourself).

Cheating is wrong… It’s a thrill but it’s completely and utterly wrong and immoral because it not only affects your student statues but it will forever ruin the lives of the people working hard, the people that might not always get the best grades but they try, and it’s unfair for the slackers or people who supposedly “work” to get A’s whilst the rest get B’s and C’s. It also basically tells the teacher that you don’t need any help when really you do and when it comes time from the actual exams you’ll go from straight A’s to straight B’s and C’s which also indicates that you have been previously dishonest in your work… You might think that teachers don’t notice but guess what?… They do… And they might come back to question you… As well as have the words “dishonest person” “beware of student’s work” In your permanent record… Not the one from high school or middle school but the one that follows you everywhere. But truly who knows how that stuff works I don’t even know what’s in my permanent record or what it says about me but future employers will know what it says about you.

We all like to pamper ourselves because we’re only human… But there are things like Cheating that have to stop…

I’d be intrigued p to see a debate about cheating and see who wins… If I do il post it sometime in this busy life we live in… Oh how I wish we could just do nothing…Il dolce far niente…


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