The Art of Storytelling.

18 Apr

Storytelling is an Art.

Not everybody is able to do it. It takes a certain type of person to. Some are better on paper, some are better vocally. But everybody has got one or the other or none. But nobody can be completely talented in both.

I mean you see these people tell stories and the crowd around them laugh like they’ve never heard anything humorous their entire lives. There are several reasons this is the way it is:
A) they are hilarious to be around.
B) The people laughing are paid and therefore laugh to stay on the same level.
C) They desperately want to be liked.
D) Ulterior motives.
E) All or None of the above.

I don’t like hanging around people who are not funny but think of themselves as so because they seem to make everyone around them feel awkward when they don’t laugh.

To be quite honest not everybody laughs at everything and that’s ok.


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