Positive Realism.

27 Feb

(The opinions are of mine, and mine alone and should not be followed if said person chooses not to. This post was not deemed to be offensive but thought provoking)

What is it? A term I coined (maybe) which is sort of like being a realist and optimist at the same time. It is something you need to be when tragedy strikes because if everybody is just moping and sobbing then your going nowhere. Not to sound harsh but you learn from the mistakes and misfortunes of others so I’m not saying put a positive spin on things I’m just saying think about it. Is it necessary for you to be morbidly upset? What upsets me is that if people get upset when they hear about people they don’t know… Then why aren’t they upset all the time? Why don’t we constantly cry on every single human being every second? If we did we would be living in a depressed world that in doesn’t involve anything but sadness. Nobody wants that… NOBODY!
It’s ok to be upset but not shut your whole life down just because of one thing. “The death of one is a tragedy but the death of a million is a statistic” shouldn’t be true. All deaths are a tragedy, it’s how you handle it that counts. Do you get on with depression? Work? No you get on with your life feeling sympathy and empathetic for those who have tragedy stricken. Because if we don’t get on with life, we would not be living.


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