too many projects… too little time.

2 Jun

Ever had that feeling where there were three billion things you want to do but have absolutely no time? why do we want so much? 

Boredom is the obvious status that people put upon themselves. Why? we will never know. 

ever watched that episode in Kyle XY? where the girl with the thing in her brain had to write on the entire code on the wall because it was killing her to do so but it was going to take her forever to write it all out? She was trapped in her own mind. As are we trapped in our minds, you could see it as a metaphor but personally I think that this whole idea of “life” is one big (if not VERY big) metaphor for life, living and all that is around us. 

I don’t like to use a lot of emotocons… i dont even know what half of them mean. But thats just me and how my brain works. Like living you shouldn’t limit or set mundane goals… be creative. 

I learnt about new year’s resolutions in 6th or 7th grade when a friend of mine asked what mine was. I put goals upon myself every year… and every year following them was never a goal of mine. My intentions had always been to better myself, but you know what that is NOT what goals are about, goals are about putting on paper the best version of yourself or the best that you would want for yourself and slowly start to reach for those goals. 

In other words I have never in my entire life thought about who I want to be until now. 


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