Who are we to treat people differently?

16 Mar

Have you ever been treated like the “blonde”? Or the idiot?
We as human beings judge we try not to judge but it is in our nature to judge by appearance we may not treat them differently but we catagorize them and that’s not a good characteristic that we have.

I’ve been treated like the idiot my whole life. I’ve always been the nerd, the idiot and the one that’s never picked and that’s absolutely and completely fine with me.

But I fear for those people who can’t defend for themselves, who get categorized and can’t do anything about it. I’m talking about teenagers.

Teenagers are cruel. They start off all bubble gum chewing and overly confident to peer pressures and narcissism. We may not have thought of teenagers such as ourselves in that light but its not everybody that go through this I know for a fact if someone had told me how I was going to be I would’ve thought more things through. I would’ve changed, become a better person, less depressed, not to get involved in the teenage drama and what-not. I did it all the other way. There are exceptions because we might not all be peer pressured or idiotically irresponsible or less caring about our grades. But we all go through it (at least!) once.
Growing up as that person is up to you but choosing to put it behind you and learn from what you did wrong is my advice because that is the only way I got through middle school.
Being irresponsible is one thing and being and idiot who doesn’t care “bout nothin'” is another. According to the majority of people consider the words “cut loose” and “irresponsibility” strung quite close together…. I agree to some extent. Irresponsibility is when u get that one day where you are free but making a long term living out of it is what stupidity begins to mean because honestly oh let all your opportunities, all those decisions slip right by you and you then end up working at some dead end job with no where to go.
You can still change whilst in a dead end job but let me let you it takes a heck of a lot more work than when you are young. Also when you are young you can move from place to place. A person can go a long way in a very short time but it only happens when you make an effort. In an average lifetime a person might change their career 5 times at average which seems like a lot now but when you grow up you still might not know what you want but you reach for the stars and you just know that what you at doing just isn’t right for you so you change it!

My point is don’t let those people who treat you like an idiot get to your head you are a strong and confident person and if you want to take a Russian literature class to ahead! Nothing’s getting in your way but yourself!

May your life’s journey be a long and rewarding journey and remember HAVE FUN!!


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