Dream Wreckers

10 Dec

Ever wonder why people like wrecking our dreams.

Growing up they tell us that we can do anything THEY LIE! ALL OF THEM!
They know that we can’t be anything or anybody we want to be which is why they put standards as kids because they want a certain option list open for us unlike their first statement “You can do anything” people who say it are great but it hurts in the future when you find out you can’t do anything you want, you can’t be anything you want either! I hate people who just go around wrecking dreams for people. Personally i can’t tell the complete truth about how i feel because i know their reaction is going to be a negative reaction that hurts me even more than telling them. I would love for one day this would all go away. All this lying nonsense of telling kids to be anything they want to boost their spirits and then get a crush them, I just want for a better world, a world where people are not afraid of other people judging them, a world where people support your decision, a world where hard work can get you what you want.

But lets face it I’m not trying to crush anybody’s dreams or anything but the world is not going to change. People will still be the same and nothing is ever what it seems.

Lets change the world and turn it the right-side up 🙂


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