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You are you, I am Me

17 Dec

Some people just don’t understand you and thats okay because honestly you have to understand yourself before anything else.

If you have an issue understand it before trying to figure out a solution ALWAYS! NEVER EVER make up a solution to something you DO NOT understand. Its like this thing where you shouldn’t get into people’s business you know why? BECAUSE YOU WOULDN’T FULLY UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON! Some people just react… WRONG! Don’t react without having a perfectly good understanding of it and think is it a reasonable solution? Is it a VALID solution to this problem? or is it just USELESS? What happens when you automatically react to things without thought? Regret and your life starts falling apart. Unless (Emphasis on Unless) you are in trouble and your brain automatically goes ‘heres the solution!” but unless thats the case if you have 30 seconds, maybe 10 seconds just think about it before you SAY or DO ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING! Sometimes thought requires days, weeks, months, years! but sometimes like if it is a question on a test paper think for 10-40 seconds “Am i sure?” or “is this the answer?” but when it is something like going to a certain university take months thinking about it because with stuff like that you gotta stick with it because you don’t want to be going “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!” when you’ve been there for a week or so. So things that will affect you in the long term take TIME to think about it NO AUTOMATIC REACTIONS!

When people try to understand you they get it but they don’t EVER FULLY GET IT! you may say “You know me better than i do!” to your friend or something, you may not know it but yes, You know yourself better than they know you!

Don’t let people tell you how you feel, you decide NOT them! Thats what psychologists are for: they help you understand yourself with a series of questions, answers and analysis to make you realize “OH NOW I GET IT!” its feels so reliving but that’s only for extreme cases in which you need a psychologist however ALMOST ALL people get by on figuring out their own solutions to problems. Sometimes it takes me AGES just to figure out a solution and then i go “WHY DID I JUST DO THAT!??!?!” but we ALL go through that and regret SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN because the past is the past… and unless you have access to a Tardis or it’s owner I’m sorry but the past is the past NEVER look back for your answers… regret does nothing but give you unnecessary stress! I’ve regretted A WHOLE LOT but I’m still young and i will probably regret again, however when i do regret i think to myself why? now how is all this going to help me with the future? can i redo it all.. NO. Can i apologize and hope that all is forgotten well i can try and sometimes it actually works! But i feel like my apology is not 100% forgiven sometimes and that is sometimes the worst feeling EVER! i feel like such a JERK! When i apologize it feels great to let it out but feeling bad is the worst part especially when you have a feeling that they haven’t yet forgiven you and that they are just being nice… sometimes it’s obvious this is the case when they treat you differently than usual or just differently for example: Make you feel like a social outcast! or something along those lines 😀

Life always makes you feel good in the end but it takes a lot of work FROM YOU to make it that way so remember THINK before you DO.



Dream Wreckers

10 Dec

Ever wonder why people like wrecking our dreams.

Growing up they tell us that we can do anything THEY LIE! ALL OF THEM!
They know that we can’t be anything or anybody we want to be which is why they put standards as kids because they want a certain option list open for us unlike their first statement “You can do anything” people who say it are great but it hurts in the future when you find out you can’t do anything you want, you can’t be anything you want either! I hate people who just go around wrecking dreams for people. Personally i can’t tell the complete truth about how i feel because i know their reaction is going to be a negative reaction that hurts me even more than telling them. I would love for one day this would all go away. All this lying nonsense of telling kids to be anything they want to boost their spirits and then get a crush them, I just want for a better world, a world where people are not afraid of other people judging them, a world where people support your decision, a world where hard work can get you what you want.

But lets face it I’m not trying to crush anybody’s dreams or anything but the world is not going to change. People will still be the same and nothing is ever what it seems.

Lets change the world and turn it the right-side up 🙂


How did it get …

3 Dec

How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?

– Dr. Seuss