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15 Sep

We all presume that we cannot change what is to come in our lives. Some of that statement is true some of it may not necessarily be true.

Our fate is not sealed in the stars. We cannot change the past but we can change what is to come in our future. Only you can change who your are and it could be just that one little thing in your life that you change like a routine but that could make such a big impact on the future.

Don’t just sit around and expect your life to change. You have to change it yourself, Think of change as a new beginning as a new start, CHANGE for the good never for the bad.


A Confusing Cycle of Thought

12 Sep

Life repeats itself. We learn from our mistakes but sometimes take no action when that same mistake comes back, we decide to ignore it and move on.

If the world expects us to continue living in this age but if we are living in this new age and the people of the past are long gone, doesn’t history repeating itself make it seem like this age is going to live on forever even if it is a different era all in itself.

We learn but we do not remember once the problem arises again. Live, learn and remember what you did wrong the first time so that you wont have to do it again.